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New Study: Female Genital Mutilation Now Blights Every Corner of England


Female genital mutilation is now a factor in every area of England and Wales, from inner-city London to rural Wales, as an estimated 137,000 women and girls in the UK have already been mutilated according to tribal and religious custom.

As well as bringing back old practices long stamped out in Britain like slavery, mass immigration has also brought new evils to the United Kingdom like female genital mutilation (FGM) – the practice of cutting off a girls clitoris and labia before stitching up the vulva – which is now prevalent in every corner of England and Wales, according to a new report. Concentration of women who have had their genitals disfigured in this way varies depending on location and demographic, which the highest concentrations of FGM victims in areas with the highest proportions of immigrants.

A spokesman for Equality Now, the group who performed the study,  said:

“From what we’ve seen, it comes down to migration… Southwark obviously has a higher population of migrants who have come from practising countries, but then again, you need to look at more details about which countries they have come from.”

Southwark is estimated by the group to be the local authority with the highest proportion of mutilated women, where 4.74 per cent – roughly one in 20 – of all women have been cut. The majority are thought to have been cut in their home nations, either before they moved to the UK or during special trips organised back to the home country by their family for the purpose, but FGM in Britain is believed to be increasingly prevalent. One in 10 births in the area are to women who have had FGM.


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