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Jews Rally behind Queen Elizabeth After Nazi Salute Fiasco


A major Jewish organization in the UK has announced their support for the Queen during this controversial time

After the recent publication of a seven-year-old Queen Elizabeth raising her arm in a Nazi salute, a major Jewish organization in the UK is rallying behind her, announcing their support of the queen.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, one of the UK’s oldest Jewish organizations, is taking the queen’s side. “I don’t think any criticism of a seven-year-old child would be remotely appropriate and I don’t intend to make any,” began Board President Jonathan Arkush at a plenary meeting of the organization held Sunday.

Citing the queen’s recent trip to Nazi death-camp Bergen-Belsen, Arkush continued to express his support for the English monarch, saying, “It’s really important for us not to judge this event with hindsight. Obviously the Nazi salute now carries horrible memories and bitterness for us, but I do not think for one moment that it would be appropriate for me to suggest that the full horror of Nazi Germany was known at that point.”


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