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Kenyan President to Obama: You Will not Impose The ‘Gay Rights’ Agenda In Kenya


“We need to speak frankly about these things” says President Kenyatta in response to Obama’s statement that Kenya must share the same values as the United States on sodomite rights issues.

Kenyatta, at the press conference this morning in Kenya, snubs Obama and continued showing zero tolerate to Obama’s belaboring trying to impose the typical ‘gay rights’ agenda.

He quickly slapped down Obama’s suggestion to impose his evil agenda on the African country saying “there are some things we do not share”.

The ‘gay rights’ Kenyatta insisted “our culture and our society do not accept”. “its very difficult for us to impose on people that [homosexuality]”. Watch his heroic stand:

Watch the ‘persona non-grata’, Obama prior to Kenyatta’s response trying to arm twist Kenya on his sodomite rights nonsense:

Instead of lecturing Kenya, perhaps Obama needs to lecture his own brother Malik Obama after watching him on this leaked video confessing (see 00:58) how he purchased an underaged sex slave-girl:

In fact, there are multiple claims against his half-brother. Lost in these shocking discoveries, however, has been Malik’s preference for multiple wives. At least one of these wives was both purchased and underage. In light of the overwhelming evidence that Malik works for the Government of Sudan and Omar al-Bashir, a State Sponsor of Terrorism and international criminal respectively; he received illegal and preferential treatment from the IRS via Lois Lerner; and he is wanted for questioning by the government of Egypt, we thought it relevant to draw your attention to another sordid aspect to Malik’s activities.


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