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Louisiana Town Fining Anyone With Saggy Pants

2014.03.27-mrconservative-53346de3b60cc-500x327Pull your pants up or you will be fined.

The law comes out of Jefferson Davis Parish in Louisiana and has effectively banned anyone from exposing their underwear or skin from beneath their pants. Those in violation of the new law will effectively be fined $50 for the first offense and $100 for each consecutive occurrence.

The trend started in the 90’s after inmates were banned from owning belts in prison.

Rappers started to do the same causing those that looked up to them to do the same. Too bad for them, they didn’t know that inmates wore their pants that way to express the desire to have sex with another man within the prison.

Eastman expressed to the media that the habit was getting out of control as, “I had complaints from security guards around the courthouse that there was issues with people not being respectfully dressed in the courtroom area.” He went on to say, “So initially I was going to be for on the courthouse grounds, and the other jurors felt that it was important parish-wide.”



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