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Baying for blood: Sick crowd gather to see man thrown to his death by ISIS from high building in Iraq for ‘being gay’

A large crowd of militants and children watched the execution 

The horrific crime took place recently in the Iraqi city of Mosul

ISIS militants have been fanatically tracking down and torturing gay men

Islamic State continues to ruthlessly hunt down and execute anyone accused of homosexuality with new photos showing the horrific punishment inflicted on all victims.

It is unclear how the man’s sexuality was discovered but the jihadi group new photos show how the depraved militants continue to kill gay men by throwing them off buildings.

2ADAF35800000578-3175061-image-a-40_1437918163883Baying mob: A huge crowd gathered to watch the appalling punishment in the streets of Mosu

Four ISIS militants dressed in white robes and black tactical vests, stand in a line as a judge reads out the statement condemning the man to his death.Gathered together in a main street in Mosul, a huge crowd of people wait for the horrific punishment to be carried out.

The announcement is done over a microphone system in an attempt to maximise publicity about the shocking abuse of human rights in the city.

The crowd appears to be predominantly made up of militants, many carrying their weapons and wearing their uniforms.


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