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Obama Announces US Taxpayers Will Be Sending $1 BILLION to Kenya [Video]


And the Kenyan crowds went wild for Obama’s wealth redistribution of hard-earned American dollars! Yeah!! America is flat ass broke and Obama is giving the Kenyans $1 billion dollars – who does he think he is? Dr. Evil? He’s over there schmoozing with his Islamic relatives, promising them everything we have. He’s soooo concerned about their economy and their young people… what about ours? I consider this Daily Mail piece to be absolute propaganda for Obama. It drips it. Marxism doesn’t lift people out of poverty. It entrenches poverty and want. Look at what has happened here in the States. He’s right about one thing… Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world – for terrorism and the Caliphate. Yeah, I can just see Islamists putting down their machetes, so they can go into business for themselves. What Marxist tripe.

From the Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama said his mission to encourage growth in Africa is a personal one while speaking at a business summit in Kenya designed to help supercharge the region’s economy.

Obama, whose father was Kenyan and has dozens of relatives in the country, hailed a ‘continent on the move’ which is lifting its citizens ‘out of poverty’ in a speech Saturday at a business event.

The President is trying to encourage investors to support African nations like Kenya, and has brought a contingent of more than 200 U.S. investors with him, whom he hopes will make commitments to the region.

His address to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, follows a family reunion last night where he met dozens of his relatives in an upscale city hotel.

He told his audience: ‘This is personal for me. There’s a reason why my name is Barack Hussein Obama. My father came from these parts.’

Talking up the region’s expanding economy, he said: ‘Africa is one of the fastest-growing regions of the world. People are being lifted out of poverty… What happens in Africa is going to affect the world.’

He later expanded on his ideas, saying new business in Africa can offer hope to young people in the continent, parts of which continue to be ravaged by war, famine and extremism.

He said: ‘Entrepreneurship offers a positive alternative to the ideologies of violence and division that can all too often fill the void when young people don’t see a future for themselves.’

Obama also spoke of his optimism for the country last night, posting a tweet from his personal account.

It said: ‘Proud to be the first American President to visit Kenya. Happy to see family, and to talk with young Kenyans about the future.’

Kenyans themselves have responded to the president with an enthusiasm which at least equals his.

Banners and billboards sporting the President’s face sprung up around Nairobi ahead of the visit, while thousands of eager fans waved American flags and painted their faces while getting as close as they could to the Presidential motorcade amid intense security.

In Kogelo, the hometown and place of burial of Barack Obama Snr, Obama has two schools named in his honor, dedicated when he was still an Illinois senator.

Kogelo locals named the Senator Obama Kogelo Primary School and Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School in his honor when he visited in 2006.

Since then the enthusiasm for the President, whom locals consider their native son, has surged, with many children being named for him.


Obama also used his appearance at the business summit to announce more than $1billion in new commitments from the U.S. government, as well as American banks, foundations and philanthropists.

Half of the money will go to support women and young people, who Obama says face bigger obstacles when trying to start businesses.

‘If half of your team is not playing, you’ve got a problem,’ Obama said, referring to women excluded from the formal economy.

Obama hosted the inaugural entrepreneurship summit at the White House in 2010. This year’s conference is the first to be held in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who co-hosted the summit, said that he hoped Obama’s visit would help change his nation’s image, which has been tainted by security issues – most notably a 2013 terrorist attack by Al-Shabaab militants on an upscale mall in Nairobi.

Kenyatta said: ‘Africa is the world’s newest and most promising frontier of limitless opportunity. Gone are the days when the only lens to view our continent was one of despair and indignity.’

While in Nairobi, Obama toured an innovation fair highlighting the work of vendors working with his Power Africa initiative, which aims to double sub-Saharan access to electricity.

The President also visited a memorial at the site of the 1998 bombing of the city’s U.S. embassy, which killed more than 200 people.

And please spare me the awful joke that Obama was honoring the twelve Americans killed in the Nairobi Embassy Bombing. He might have been honoring his fellow Kenyans, although I suspect it was just another political photo-op for the panderer-in-chief. Here’s an idea, since Obama loves Kenya so much and they love him back, why doesn’t he move there and run for office? I know America would breathe a collective sigh of relief. In reality, he’s much more likely to get a spanking new office at the UN though. Better to oversee worldwide destruction and chaos. By the way, as he’s pandering to women there, he knows that is ridiculous. Women in Islam are considered less than men, which he never even mentions.


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