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‘Security’ prevents Guinness Book of Records from weighing in on hummus war


An Israeli filmmaker who planned to prepare the world’s biggest bowl of hummus says the organization’s UK offices told him it would be ‘too dangerous’ to send over a judge.

“It was the last thing I expected,” Israeli filmmaker Oren Rosenfeld said Sunday in response to the Guinness World Records’ decision not to send a judge to Israel to examine a record he wanted to break.

Rosenfeld, who is in the final stages of editing his film “Hummus,” had planned to prepare the biggest bowl of hummus in history.

“As part of the film’s PR, I wanted to break the Guinness record, to create a plate with 15 tons of hummus and have all the characters from the film participate in the event,” Rosenfeld told Ynet. “I organized a budget, we organized a date, but when we turned to the Guinness World Records and asked them to send a judge, they claimed it was too dangerous to send a judge to Israel.

“They asked me to fill in a form with four or five questions, where would I like to hold the contest, the date. But even before I filled in the form, they told me that the chance they would send someone here was slim, but that they would anyway pass it on to their security representative.”



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