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THE IRON BEAM: The wonder weapon making the enemies of Israel whizz their pants

When it comes to national security, especially against attacks on civilians, Israel can not waste time. It has has not one but four separate levels of “active defense”. Now with the introduction of the new system Iron Beam, Israel will have five different layers to shoot down missiles and airborne threats.


Israel plans to, implement a fifth layer of “active defense” in its air defense system at various levels, with the aim of providing accessible countermeasure against short-range threats. This new contribution will be able to protect border communities and military bases against various air threats.

Called Iron Beam, it is a mobile system for High Energy Laser (HELWS) developed by RAFAEL.

Designed to destroy targets by irradiation with high energy directed (HE) of the laser beam, the system will have a wide range of applications, from securing aerial targets, act as a rocket or missile artillery actions, or to attack unmanned aerial vehicles Unmanned (UA).

It is designed to operate as part of the air defense system or as a standalone system, in the day or night and under all weather conditions.

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