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The US-Israeli ‘plot’ to destroy Iran

Analysis: The ayatollahs and Revolutionary Guards believe Obama and the Mossad have concocted a scheme to expose the dark Islamic Republic to the economic wonders of the big world, in order to encourage young Iranians to lead a revolution.

The thousands of Iranians who took to the streets to wave the photos of “the hero,” President Hassan Rouhani, and “the star,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif, are now going through a stage of painful disillusionment.

The sweet illusions are melting away. The regime is indicating that the nuclear agreement was not aimed at leading a historical revolution. On the contrary: The religious scholars, the conservative old people surrounding supreme leader Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards, who received an order to keep their mouths shut and avoid intervening in the negotiations for the agreement, have achieved their goal.

If anyone benefits from the release of the frozen $150 billion and from opening up the global oil market, it will be neither the unemployed young people nor those dreaming about changing Iran’s face.

From conversations I have had with young Iranians in Europe in recent days, I am learning of great frustration and deficiencies in understanding the messages from Tehran immediately after the agreement was declared. Khamenei waited patiently for the Zarif and Rouhani’s victory speeches and for Obama’s statement in Washington, and then went out to say his piece. The young people of Iran, the dreamers, knew it would be the decisive message.

61697899891583640360noThe Iranians who celebrated the nuclear agreement with photos of President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif are now going through a stage of painful disillusionment (Photo: AFP)

When Khamenei encourages them to keep cursing the United States, and Israel too on the way, they realize that the revolution is not waiting around the corner. As long as he is the ruler, Khamenei intends on using his power and brutal authorities in order to prevent a deep change in Iran. If a change does occur, he will be the first to be kicked out.

Local rapper Tataloo, the young Iranians’ idol, surprisingly received permission to release his new clip, “Nuclear Energy,” which has gained more than 1 million views in Iran so far. Before the agreement, he would have been thrown to jail with a song arguing with the nuclear facilities, the international boycott and the sanctions. Now he is marking the young ones’ hopes, but understands very well that there are red lines to the freedom of expression in Iran.


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