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Canadian-Israeli anti-ISIS fighter: If we don’t fight them there, they’ll come here

549747“This isn’t just their fight, it’s the world’s fight,” says Gill Rosenberg who returned to Israel after nine months of fighting for the Kurds in Syria and Iraq.

If the West doesn’t fight Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it will find them on its own ¬†borders, warns Israeli-Canadian fighter Gill Rosenberg who returned from the front-lines of the Kurdish fight in Syria and Iraq earlier this month.
“The Kurds need a lot more Western support than they have,” she tells The Jerusalem Post. “This isn’t just their fight, it’s the world’s fight and if we don’t fight them there, then they’re going to be at our borders, and they almost already are.”
She opines that Israel could do more on a “quiet level” in terms of providing training and arming the Kurds, but she acknowledges that Israeli involvement is “tricky politically.”
31-year-old Rosenberg –the first foreign woman to join the fight against Islamic State — decided to head back to Israel after nine months of fighting due to “changes on the ground.”
“Especially with the Iranians and now the Turks – the Turkish forces have been bombing Kurdish forces inside northern Iraq, as of a couple of days ago,” she elaborates.
“The Iranians are making most of the advances within southern Kurdistan, and I just felt like the dynamics were changing a lot and ISIS isn’t the only threat. Iran is just as great a threat if not greater.”
Rosenberg says that the “never again” mantra oft-repeated by Jews was behind her motivation to join the fight against ISIS, after seeing genocidal images from the region splashed across social media. Having been brought up with a strong Holocaust education, the refrain resonates with her. “We say never again and that’s not just for Jews, that means for anyone. We don’t stay silent and watch a genocide take place anywhere, to anyone.”
“I saw there was something I can do and I wanted to help. I saw that there were women fighting on the front-lines, and I thought ‘why not me?'”


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