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France’s Prison Population Estimated to be 70% Muslim

What makes Muslims big in the news are the Jihadist attacks, but not the other crimes. Jihad attacks are not the only harm the Muslim population brings, but crimes in which they get arrested and incarcerated.

France has the highest Muslim population and largest total population of Europe. There are 67.500 people currently behind bars in France, it is estimated that 70% are Muslim. Although Muslims are only eight per cent of the French population. The French government does not collect data on race, religion, or ethnicity on its citizens, making it impossible to get accurate numbers of the prison populations. But demographers, sociologists, and Muslim leaders have compiled an estimate. Muslims in England and Wales account for 14% Muslims of the prison population, according to Home Office statistics.

It is now a common statistic across Europe, especially in France. In these prisons are Jihadists Circles that are recruiting and waiting to get their revenge on the outside.

French arrest records state that 283 people are currently in prison for terrorism, 152 are classified as dangerous Islamists, and 60 of them almost all incarcerated in Paris are deemed particularly dangerous. The rest were simply arrested for non terroristic crimes.


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