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ISIS caliphate sanctions beheading of woman as a “wedding present”


The religion of peace ….. respect it!
“When you meet the unbelievers, strike them at their neck….” (Quran 47:4)

“EXCLUSIVE: ISIS leader al-Baghdadi sanctioned a woman to be beheaded as a WEDDING PRESENT for sadistic female Sharia judge,” By Nick Fagge In Southern Turkey For Mailonline, 27 July 2015 (thanks to Religion of Peace)
Leena, whose name has been changed, worked inside ISIS’s Sharia court
Decided to defect after female Sharia judge she worked for was ‘sentenced to be beheaded killed in brutal power struggle with female rival’
Another woman was executed for moaning about ISIS rule on WhatsApp
There are five British girls in ISIS’s Hisbah religious police and foreigner jihadis are given preferential treatment, she claims
Leena says foreign fighters as brave at first but realised they were only after ‘money, gold and slaves’
She crossed into Turkey six weeks ago and lives in constant fear that ISIS militants will hunt her down and kill her.

 ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi personally sanctioned a woman to be beheaded as a wedding present for a sadistic female ‘judge’ in the terror group’s feared religious police, MailOnline can reveal.

The notoriously cruel woman asked to kill an unbelieving ‘infidel’ in return for taking a new husband following the death of her mujahedeen husband in a battle.

But al-Baghdadi insisted she could only take the life of another woman in line with the group’s strict segregation of affairs between men and women. He ruled she could cut off the head of another female ISIS judge who had been accused of spying – but who in reality had probably just fallen out of favour.
Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-12.36.17-PM-685x600This barbaric gift is just one of series of shocking claims made by a female defector from ISIS’ religious police, Hisbah – which rules the so-called Islamic State of around eight million people – with its own twisted and medieval interpretation of Sharia law.

During the harrowing interview, Leena – not her real name – gave an unparalleled insight into how the Islamic State is run.

She described the suffocating effect fear has in a society where children are used as informers, how one woman was given 80 lashes in public by ‘mistake’, the corrupt power struggle that led to her boss having her head chopped off, and the terrible treatment of Yazidi prisoners – given to ISIS fighters as sex slaves ‘to do with whatever they like’.

Leena revealed how there are five British women in the Hisbah, including converts, who are apparently given preferential treatment by the ISIS leaders. Among them was a blonde woman called Susanne and a red head called Fatima.

The ISIS defector told MailOnline: ‘When the foreign fighters and women first arrived we thought they were heroes. They had come to give their lives to fight for us, to fight for our freedom.’

But it soon became clear that they came for whatever ‘money, gold and slaves’ they could get. Leena branded them nothing more than rapists, looters and thieves.

As just one example of the horrors she saw on a daily basis, the 27-year-old mother-of-two told how a local girl was sentenced to death after the Hisbah discovered she had complained about life under ISIS in a WhatsApp message to her sister in Damascus.
Brainwashed: Leena (pictured) admits that she was won over by ISIS’ hardline brand of Islam at first, but the horrors and injustices that she witnessed forced her to flee from the ‘Caliphate’ with her family

Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-12.37.27-PM-792x600In sad, hushed tones, Leena said: ‘It was nothing more than murder. They said she was connected to Assad’s regime, a spy.

‘She wasn’t receiving her salary and she could not travel to collect it. All she wrote in the text was “We are all under pressure”, “We can’t go on”, “We are in trouble”.

Because of that the judge, originally from Egypt, gave her the death penalty. They said she was a spy for the Assad regime.’The girl had been telling the truth. Despite the vast oil deposits nearby the town’s only electricity comes from diesel generators – controlled by senior ISIS members, called emirs. Air-conditioning can no longer offer families relief from the 50C summer heat. Water supply is erratic at best.Now in hiding and facing a life on the run, wide-eyed with fear, Leena said: ‘I was horrified by what I saw, the brutality and corruption. I left because I saw so many terrible things, so much destruction, beatings.’

Recently married and pregnant with her first child, Leena fled from fighting in Deir Ezzor, once a prosperous provincial town on the banks of the Euphrates River and now the centre of Syria’s oil industry, in September 2012, to a neighbouring village which became the ISIS regional HQ.

‘All we knew was we had to pray five times day and fast during Ramadan’, said Leena. ‘Before no one wore a niqab (face veil), we did not wear Islamic clothing and there was no rules about talking with strangers – men who were not close family members.’

Leena freely admits that at first she fell for ISIS’ hardline brand of Islam which they romantically painted as the true path for a Muslim.

Her community, like the majority of Syria and ISIS follow the Sunni branch of Islam and consider Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as a heretic because he is a member of the Alawites, an obscure sect within the rival Shia vision of Islam.

Leena became inspired to learn more about Sharia Law and completed an ISIS indoctrination programme.

‘We went around other villages to help people understand Sharia Law, to show them the way to follow Islam,’ she said.

2ACE7AF600000578-3173264-image-a-3_1437744623717 Terror: The role she performed was not dissimilar to that of ISIS’s all-female police force, the Al-Khansaa Brigade (pictured), who enforce strict Sharia law on the streets of Islamic State’s adopted capital Raqqa

 Promotion: As a reward for her work as a spy, Leena was offered a job working as a ‘writer’ for a Hisbah judge in the town of El Mayadin, near Deir Ezzor

As more foreign fighters flooded into the area, families gave up daughters and widows as brides to the arriving ‘heroes’.

‘My husband had joined the fighters. My friend explained I would get a salary of $200 a month and I could stay with my parents,’ explained Leena.

Smiling as she recalled her innocence, she described how she ended up joining the Hisbah in May 2013.

I did the training many times, looking for unbelievers. I would listen to what they [the recruits] said and report them if they said they did not like ISIS

‘I gave ‘bayah’ [an Islamic oath of allegiance], I joined ISIS, working for the Hisbah in the section that dealt with women. Their job is to uphold Sharia Law – to make sure women wear the niqab [face veil], wear the correct clothes and behave in the correct way with men.’

Her first mission was to infiltrate a Sharia training camp and spy on young women forced to adopt the strict Islamic code.

‘I did the training many times, looking for unbelievers. I would listen to what they [the recruits] said and report them if they said they did not like ISIS,’ she said.

The women who she informed on would be sent to the Sharia Court where they would be tried and faced punishment beatings. Leena would not be drawn on whether she felt responsible for the pain and suffering she inflicted on other mothers, sisters and daughters.

In return for her loyalty, she was offered a job working as a ‘writer’ for a Hisbah judge, a position similar to working as a clerk to an investigating magistrate – taking down statements from suspects, witnesses officers of ISIS’ religious police force, in the town of El Mayadin, near Deir Ezzor.

She worked for a female judge who ruled only on crimes committed by women in a Sharia court separate from that which would judge men for their alleged offences.

With salaries no longer being paid by the Assad regime, the $200-a-month offered by ISIS provided a lifeline.


War-torn: El Mayadin (pictured in April) has been ravaged by constant fighting with the Syrian regime which has reportedly attacked the town with car bombs

 Gruesome: In January, ISIS released images from the embattled town of El Mayadin where it claimed to kill and mutilate 11 civilians (pictured) for ‘apostasy’ – or abandonment of Islam

Punishments to the ‘guilty’ included fines for wearing ‘non-Islamic’ clothing, whippings or beating for ‘inappropriate’ association with men, chopping off hands for stealing, death by stoning for adultery and beheadings for treason.

However, she soon began to see terrible miscarriages of justice.

‘People have been condemned to death even when they are innocent. A woman was arrested for talking to a man in a shop. She explained that the man was her husband but the Hisbah officer did not believe her.

A woman was arrested for talking to a man in a shop and she said it was her husband. She was whipped like an animal – 80 lashes, in the main square in front of everyone. Later, she proved they were married

‘She was brought before an Egyptian judge, a monster, a devil. She sentenced the Syrian woman to a terrible beating. She was whipped like an animal – 80 lashes, in the main square in front of everyone.

‘Then the man turned up with his marriage contract and proved that she was his wife. But it was too late.’

She added: ‘The Egyptians and the Tunisians were nothing better than thieves. They did not care if someone was guilty or not, they would start to beat them before the judge had investigated their crime.’


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