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NEWSFLASH: You Have Been Cooking Rice Wrong Your Whole Life, Do This When the Water Boils


Unlike other grains, rice is easier to prepare, its starch is easily digestible, and yields are higher. But just like other cereals it has one key drawback – it is not very good for you.

Promotes weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes type 2 diabetes.

White rice is particularly harmful – a cup of it has 200 calories, mostly “empty” or pure starch without a lot of other nutrients.

But scientists have proved that one simple trick, can halve the calorific value and even add other nutrients to the rice.

“We cooked rice as usual, only in the boiling water, before we put the rice, we add the coconut oil, about 3 percent of the weight of the rice. After it was over, we leave it in the fridge for about 12 hours, “explained Dr. Sudhair James.

What is really happening?

Boiling starch in the rice make it extremely easy digestible, and the organism easily converts it into sugar and glycogen and stores it as fat. Frying or other ways of preparing rice but do not change the starch and remains difficult to digest.


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