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VIDEO: EXCESSIVE ICE Derails Global Warming Research Voyage!


Ship Abandons Global Warming Research Due to EXCESSIVE ICE reported that a 115-day global warming research voyage into the Arctic by the Canadian ice breaker CCGS Amundsen has been derailed because the ship was rerouted to the Hudson Bay to come to the aid of supply ships stuck in the ice.

According to Johnny Leclair, assistant commissioner for the Coast Guard, conditions in the area are the worst he’s seen in 20 years:

“Scientists are frustrated,” Dr. Jay Cullen said in an e-mail sent Tuesday from the Amundsen, which on Sunday pulled in its scientific probes, did a U-turn in Davis Strait – between Greenland and Nunavut – and headed to the south tip of Baffin Island.

“The Amundsen has never been diverted from science for ice breaking duty in the Arctic according to the Captain,” wrote Dr. Cullen, a University of Victoria researcher whose Geotraces project relates to the impacts of ocean acidification and climate change effects.

He said research projects, some of which took four years to plan, will have to be put aside.

“Some proposed scientific operations will be canceled.”

VIDEO: Ship Abandons Global Warming Research Due to EXCESSIVE ICE


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