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White Man in Indiana Shot by African Americans Over Confederate Flag on His Car

ZFlag2-e1435777485466A white man from Arkansas who was driving through a black neighborhood in South Bend, Indiana was shot by one of a group of black men standing near a quick-mart styled store, police report. The shooting occurred because the white man had a Confederate flag on his vehicle.

A friend of the white man insists that he has never known the victim to be a racist. And the flag has a modern military link to it, not a race-based one.

“I’ve never known him to use any racial slurs,” Cally Baker said Saturday. “Unless someone (provoked) him, I can’t imagine him just blurting out the N-word.”

And the flag?

“It is a Confederate flag, I can attest to that,” Baker said. “But it has a military emblem on it … so it was something he was proud of more or less because of the military aspect of it.”

Baker also disputed accounts that the 28-year-old man, who is white and a reported Army veteran and Arkansas native, threatened the shooter and others with a machete.

“He had absolutely no weapon on him but the machete, and it was in the back of the truck, so he had no way to get to it,” she said


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