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Why Won’t Police Protect Woman Who Insulted Mohammed?


Avia Morris, who was arrested after calling Mohammed a pig, is receiving death threats, but cops won’t take complaint.

Avia Morris, the young woman who was arrested near the Temple Mount last Friday after reacting to Muslim taunts by saying “Mohammed is a pig,” is being incessantly threatened on social networks. However, police have refused to take her complaint, and the reason is either red tape, hostility, or a combination of the two.

“I feel that I have been wronged,” she told Arutz Sheva. “The police are discriminating against me, arresting me a few hours before the Sabbath, instead of arresting all the Arab women who ran wild and incited to violence, who have been hurting the religious feelings of Jews daily, for several months now.”

“Again, the same discrimination,” she stated. “The Arabs hurt Jews’ feelings daily on the Temple Mount, whether it is in playing soccer, calling out epithets against Judaism, not allowing Jews to perform the commandments that we must carry out on the Temple Mount, and they do nothing about that. They only take action because of two words that were uttered.”


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