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COULD IT HAPPEN: The Rounding up of American Jews

27955Just as 15 centuries of Jewish life in Spain ended with a royal edict in 1492, American Jewish life in the USA as we know it can easily end with a presidential directive …

If the idea of Jews being rounded up and forced into internment and labor camps in 2015 America sounds farfetched, it shouldn’t. Much of what’s needed to help make this happen is already in place.

Forget about conspiracy theories and forget about FEMA camps. One quick glance at a few key government documents and directives reveal it really can happen here.

All it would take to activate these directives against American Jews is a national catastrophe (such as a wide scale attack on American soil or financial collapse, which many experts are predicting). Add to that today’s rising anti-Semitism — as well as Grayzel’s “old law of Jewish history that the Jewish population suffers doubly for the social and political mistakes of the society in which it lives” — and a perfect storm could easily and feasibly erupt.

Expelling Jews from their homes and relocating them to prison camps could be what some rabbis and kabbalists alluded to when they warned about a calamity soon facing Jews in the United States. American Jews have so far escaped the horrors of two millennia of Jewish history, but it looks as though history might be catching up.

Here, then, are a few regulations, directives and executive orders, both past and present, which show just how close we may be to the unthinkable.

Army Regulation 210-35: Installing civilian prison camps & inmate labor programs

This unclassified Army document spells out the details of building and managing “civilian inmate labor programs” and “prison camps” on U.S. Army installations. It states that the Army’s Civilian Inmate Labor Program “is currently limited to” using inmates from U.S. prisons, but also states there are “a few exceptions.” It doesn’t mention who these “exceptions” are. If Jewish history repeats itself on American soil, this loophole may make “never again” the hopeful slogan that miserably failed.

The 1033 Program: The militarization of police

Though the civilian prison camps are on Army installations, the U.S. Army wouldn’t have to round up Jews. Local police could do it — thanks to the 1033 Program. In the early 1990s, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which created the 1033 Program. This program allowed the Department of Defense to transfer billions of dollars in surplus military gear and weapons to local police departments — originally to fight against drugs and terror. Today, local police, even in small towns, have accumulated military-grade body armor, automatic assault rifles, night-vision rifle scopes and armored vehicles.

Even more dramatically, the Supreme Court ruled that police may enter a home during a raid without knocking if there’s “reasonable suspicion” that knocking would put them in danger or allow suspects to destroy evidence. In a time of Jewish persecution, even unarmed Jewish families hiding in their homes may be suspected of destroying “evidence”, whatever that could be. So why bother knocking when a battering ram could do the trick?

National Security Presidential Directive 51: The president can assume near dictatorial powers in an emergency

This directive allows the president to have near dictatorial powers in the event of a “catastrophic emergency” resulting in “… extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.”

During this emergency, the president can declare martial law and single-handedly rule over all government and business activities. If the president feels that the Jews are a threat or a danger to the country, there would be nothing to stop him from issuing an executive order to relocate the Jews to prison camps. And if that sounds improbable, see below.


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