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7 Secret Tricks to Lose Weight At Any Age


Sadly, as we get older evil forces conspire against us to make losing weight more difficult.

From years of abuse (why’d you have to love softball so much?) our muscles and joints become less cooperative. They’re stiffer, they hurt more, and they make exercising a lot less convenient.

And that’s just the beginning. Our metabolism doesn’t do us any favors either, gradually slowing down as we age. Every decade on average we burn 1 to 2% fewer calories, thanks to losing some muscle mass and putting on some fat. It’s a bad cycle to get into, and if we’re not careful, as our age goes up, so will our weight.

With that said, Brian Durbin, a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer, is confident that if you know the roadblocks and “how to work around them—it’s easy to be successful at dropping pounds.”

The 7 Tricks to Losing Weight At Any Age

1. Pick Up Those Weights

When people say they can’t lose weight like they used to, it’s largely due to muscle mass. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning that it requires more energy and elevates your resting metabolism. But of course, the opposite is also true—if you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down.

By 50, on average, people have 20% less muscle mass than they did when they were 20. “The good news is you can turn all of this around with a well-structured weight-training routine,” says Durbin. “It can increase your muscle mass and help you regain the ability to lose weight like you were able to 20 years ago.”

So pick up those weights!

2. Keep An Eye On Those Hormones

As we get older it gets more and more likely that our hormones could fall out of balance. If you don’t regularly check your thyroid, adrenal glands, and other hormone levels, your body could easily slip into fat storage mode.

Testosterone, in particular, is an important one to watch. Having enough makes it easier to stay fit and slim down. A balanced level can even help regulate your blood glucose levels, which is important for losing belly fat.

So keep an eye on those hormones!

3. Go Easy On Those Joints

Aches and pains can stop even the youngest person from staying active. As we get older, those aches and pains can become quite common and before you know it, you’re not really moving at all. It only gets worse after that.

A better way to go is to focus on activities that are easy on your joints. Walking is always a good one, as is jumping in the pool. Water exercise, like Aquafit, can be a lot of fun, is easy on your knees, and can burn a ton of calories. The extra resistance the water creates means that your body has to work that much harder, and can burn up to 30% more calories in the process.

If water and walking aren’t really your thing, cycling and yoga are two other good options.

4. But Don’t Go Too Easy

That being said, you still have to push yourself to get results. You should never be in pain while you exercise, but you also can’t just show up and slack off.

You have to make sure you’re working out hard enough to break a sweat and are completing the full of range of motion (when possible) of every exercise. You have to put the effort in to get the result out. Losing weight is never easy and as long as you’re doing everything correctly, your body should feel better, not worse, afterward.


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