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Choose Tea according to your blood type!


Long ago, there were nutrition and diets according to blood type, but there are hot drinks as well that are ideal for every particular type. Coffee is suitable only for those with blood groups A and B, but different types of tea are good for all groups.

The influence of tea depends of blood type. These are the best combinations of teas for each blood type!

Blood type 0:

People with blood group 0 are durable and strong, and they are powered by high-calorie foods. The basis of their diet makes the meat, and should avoid milk, beans and gluten.

These people are strong and self-confident, have the drive to succeed and usually bursting with health and optimism. Although cope well with stress, troubled by stomach acid.

Coffee as a beverage is not recommended, as well as sweetened, carbonated drinks and alcohol. For them, the best teas are based on ginger, ginseng, green tea and Sencha tea Maté, who is known as a substitute for coffee.

Blood type A:

People with this blood type should avoid meat and instead of that eat fish. Poultry meat is more acceptable than the red, and completely should stay away from meat products. It is not surprising that members of the group often have a need for plant food.

Though seemingly calm, people with blood type A are very emotional and analytical person, prone to stress, which have persistently high values ​​of cortisol, a stress hormone. Although they do not mind the coffee, the need for a predominantly plant-based diet, meditation and yoga will complete the daily drinking tea suitable. The best teas for people with blood group A are Taiwanese Gunpowder green tea, tea of ​​pure jasmine flower, a combination of silver jasmine and green tea Ying Hao, yarrow, basil, jasmine and marigold. The fruity aromas suits to them but lemon, cranberry and orange tea should be avoided.


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