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Ivory Hunter Trampled By Elephant He’d Been Trying To Kill For Hours

sat980xElephants are intelligent, peaceful creatures. The humans who take pleasure in hunting them into extinction are not. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than an incident that just played out in the African bush.

This is Ian Gibson. He specialized in killing big game animals, like elephants, for “sport.”
Recently, Gibson was leading a hunt in the lower Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe. He’d been stalking a male elephant, called a “bull,” for five hours when the animal finally decided it had enough.

Source: justin

“Feeling he was quite close to the elephant, Ian and his tracker Robert continued to follow the tracks in hopes of getting a look at the ivory as the client stayed with the game scout,” reports Gibson’s employers, Chifuti Safaris, in an online note . (You’ll notice how they refer to this majestic animal as nothing more than a pair of tusks to be harvested).

“They eventually caught up with the bull, spotting him at about 50-100 metres. The bull instantly turned and began a full charge. Ian and Robert began shouting in order to stop the charge. At very close range, Ian was able to get off one shot before the bull killed him. The scene was very graphic.”
Apparently, the bull elephant was in “musth,” a period of elevated testosterone levels signified by a ” seeping temporal gland, wet and extended penis and aggressive posture and gait,” according to safari guide Rory Young . Something a professional hunter should have been able to spot, yes?


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