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Multi-millionaire’s 91st birthday bash includes an entire zoo’s worth of exotic animals as food

robert-mugabeElephants were slaughtered to celebrate the Zimbabwean president’s birthday

Robert Mugabe isn’t known for his subdued taste, and his million-dollar birthday was just as extravagant as people have come to expect.

The ZANU-PF leader saw in his 92nd year with the slaughter of wild animals, including an elephant, which were cooked and served to his guests.

His party took place at an exclusive lodge, spa and golf course in Victoria Falls, and it was estimated to have cost $1million (£648,000). During the celebrations, Mugabe released 91 balloons into the sky with the help of his wife, Grace.

An estimated 20,000 people attended the party at Elephant Hills resort, which was put on to celebrate the birthday of the leader who has been accused of abusing human rights and democracy.

His guests were fed a young elephant, and two buffaloes, two sables and five impalas were also donated to the president by a local landowner. He also threw in a lion and a crocodile to be stuffed as an extra gift for Mugabe. On top of this, 40 cows were offered to the president by two members of his government. A second elephant is going to be shot and given to the Victoria Falls community.

Held a week after his birthday, the celebrations were described as “totally unethical” by wildlife conservationists, and “obscene” by members of the opposition.


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