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Video of Israeli Jewish Religious Commando Kid Goes Viral

 Young boy puts the best warriors to shame whipping out combat moves at dizzying speeds, in a video that has caught fire online.

A video of a young religious boy rapidly snapping into combat moves and wowing a group of IDF frontline soldiers has gone viral.

The video was posted on the Hebrew-language Facebook page “Hinami entertainment and leisure portal” late Tuesday night, and within just eight hours has received a whopping 11,500 likes and over 163,000 views – a staggeringly larger amount than the page’s average and a huge turnout for a country of just eight million.

The young boy named Malkiel with peot (sidelocks) and a large knit kippah – a look largely associated with “hilltop youth” living in Judea and Samaria – is seen with a toy assault rifle, standing around with a group of IDF Border Patrol combat soldiers.


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