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Former Clinton Staffer Just Came Forward With A BOMBSHELL About Hillary’s Past She Wanted Buried


Bill’s chickens may be coming home to roost…on Hillary.

It would seem that, for Hillary and Bill and the Democrats who want another Clinton in the Oval Office, the chickens are coming home to roost…and quite possibly creating a messy panic in the coop.

Just one day after Western Journalism told you about the new scandal-hunting website launched by Kathleen Willey — who famously claimed the former president sexually assaulted her in the White House — another key figure from the Clintons’ questionable past has leveled her own scathing charges against Hillary.

In a Daily Mail exclusive, the British newspaper reveals that the woman who outed Monica Lewinsky for her affair with President Clinton is now on the warpath against Hillary. Citing the then-first lady as a “destroyer” who ruthlessly attacked and ruined the reputations of many women linked sexually to her husband, Linda Tripp is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that Hillary Clinton “must never become president” because she’s a devious and manipulative liar.

Because, according to Linda Tripp, it was Hillary who manipulated and stage managed the story [of the Lewinsky affair], converting herself from a lackluster First Lady with unimpressive approval ratings to admirable First Victim – the blindsided wife standing by her man.

She made him forgivable. She ‘orchestrated the cover up’ and she made damn sure that she moved on. Nothing, and no-one, was going to stand in her way.



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