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She Puts A Bowl Of Beer In Her Shower. When You See Why, You’ll Disrobe Right Away

Sometimes there’s beer sitting around in the pantry or fridge that no one wants to drink, so you end up throwing it out.

What if you had a different way to use it?

This video suggests cracking open a few unwanted beers to give your hair a healthy but hoppy bath. It sounds pretty unreal, but the Howcast team swears it adds body to hair.

How? Well, the protein, B vitamins, and sugar in the beer will do the trick.

Simply put the beer into a large bowl (large enough to fit your head), wait until it’s flat and warm (so it doesn’t smell like alcohol), and place the bowl in the sink or shower area, soaking your hair for about five minutes. Then rinse off the beer with warm water and condition your hair as usual.



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