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How to Grow a Lemon Tree in a Cup


Lemon cultivation from seeds can be very interesting, especially to children after drinking lemonade.

Though lemons begin to blossom as young plants, it needs a few years to bring fruits.

But, did you know that you can grow lemons in a cup?

To do this, you’ll need soil and seeds.

Choose the largest lemon or grapefruit seeds. Clean them thoroughly from their outer skins.

Pour them with water and leave them for about 6 – 7 days. Be sure to change the water every day.

While they’re soaking, the seeds need to be covered with a gelatin sheet.

Put a few stones in the bottom of the cup to create a drainage. Then, fill the cup with moist soil. Put the seeds in the ground with the pointed ends to the bottom. Leave about 5mm space between them.

After, cover the seeds with coarse sand or gravel.

Do not forget to spray the surface with water, 2-3 days. Cover he cup with nylon bag or foil. This way you’ll create a greenhouse effect.

Continue spraying them with water once every two days, to support their growth.

After 7 – 8 days, the first shoots should appear.

You can carefully transplant the shoots into another container, if a lot appear.

Choose the most beautiful and the strongest ones, after 3 – 5 months, when the seedlings are grown. Transplant them into individual pots on a larger diameter.Thecomposition of thesoil should remain the same.


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