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Jordan Demands UN ‘End Israeli Occupation’

516665Kingdom joins PA to demand UN Security Council ‘defend Palestinian nation’ after arson attack, in escalation of diplomatic war.

Jordan is joining forces with the Palestinian Authority (PA) to demand that the UN Security Council (UNSC) “end the Israeli occupation,” in a call following the lethal arson that killed an Arab infant and wounded four others last Friday at the village of Duma in Samaria.

The IDF has indicated Jewish extremists may have been behind the arson, given the presence of Hebrew graffiti at the site, and that pronouncement has sparked a cavalcade of condemnation by Israeli and international politicians against “Jewish terror” – which was followed quickly by a wave of Arab terror attacks.

The Jordanian paper Al-Rad reported Monday that Jordan and the PA are preparing to issue a demand that the UNSC “provide international defense for the Palestinian nation and to put an end to the Israeli occupation.”

Jordanian King Abdullah II is planning to meet with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the arson, according to the paper.

Jordan lost no time in blaming the Israeli government for the arson, even though the identity of the culprits remains unknown, and the PA has likewise announced it will bring the case to the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC), as well as the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Despite having signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, Jordan has long been a leader in the diplomatic war against Israel.


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