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Massive sand storm swallows Amman, Jordan…a plague-esque infestation of sand hits Israel’s neighbor


Extreme weather patterns and strong winds whipped the Jordanian desert sands across the country, causing near blackout conditions in the nation’s capital.

The extreme heat felt throughout Israel on Sunday is affecting the entire region as a whole, with one of the weather’s hardest hit victims being Israel’s neighbor to the east, Jordan.

The strong winds whipping across the kingdom’s desert plains caused massive sand storms, forcing changes in the country’s air traffic patterns.

The storm prevented flights from landing at Amman International Airport, sending two Royal Jordanian flights to land at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. Flights operated by other Arab carriers, which cannot land in Israel, were diverted to Aqaba.

If the weather does not change in the next few hours, several Jordan-bound flights are expected to land at Ben-Gurion Airport.


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