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BREAKING: Netanyahu Makes His Move to DESTROY Obama’s Entire Agenda


Now that Barack Obama’s attempt to torpedo Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party at the Israeli polls has failed, the president is about to learn just how unpleasant payback can be.

Sources have indicated the recently-reelected Israeli prime minister has dispatched diplomats to France in order to destroy Obama’s negotiations on Iran’s nuclear capability.

France is one of the P5+1 powers conducting the negotiations in Switzerland, as well as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council. As such, it can realistically veto any agreement Obama and Kerry decide to cook up.

In addition, France has also been the power most skeptical of the negotiation process. They’ve expressed grave reservations about the March 31 deadline to reach a tentative framework for a deal, as well as the proposed deal’s ability to effectively limit Iran’s production of nuclear material.

Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz is flying to Paris to meet with French officials, as Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently believes them to be the most likely to reject such a deal.

“This is an effort to prevent a (nuclear) deal that is bad and full of loopholes, or at least … to succeed in closing or amending some of these loopholes,” Steinitz told Israel Radio (H/T Pat Dollard).


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