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Netanyahu: Waiting for World to Condemn Terror Against Jews Too

606386PM visits Jewish victim of firebomb attack in Jerusalem, equates ‘terror against Jews’ and ‘terror against Arabs.’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday afternoon visited 27-year-old Inbar Azrak, who was wounded the night before in an Arab firebomb terrorist attack as she and her husband were driving home from vacation through Jerusalem’s eastern Beit Hanina neighborhood.

Azrak is receiving treatment at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital for the first and second-degree burns on 15% of her body that were inflicted in the attack. Her husband Uri was not wounded, although their car was completely burned.

Netanyahu visited Azrak at the hospital, where he drew a parallel to the arson attack last Friday at the Arab village of Duma in Samaria that killed an Arab infant named Ali Bawabsha and wounded four family members.

“Just a few days ago I visited the brother of the child Ali, who was wounded by a Molotov firebomb thrown at his home by agitators of terror against Arabs,” said Netanyahu. “Now I visited Inbar, a young woman who was wounded by a Molotov cocktail that was thrown by an agitator of terror against Jews.”

While the IDF has indicated Jewish extremists may have been behind the arson in Duma based on the presence of Hebrew graffiti, the identity of the culprits remains unknown and several question marks have been raised concerning the case. The Duma arson was condemned widely by Israeli politicians, whereas the attack against Azrak has been met with a surprising dearth of fanfare.

Netanyahu continued in his comparison between the two attacks, saying, “the brother of Ali is a four-year-old boy, Inbar is a young mother to three children aged two, three and four.”


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