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“No Nukes will Land in Eretz Yisrael”, says leading Rabbi over 50 years ago

6a00d8345263cd69e201bb085cfe4e970d-800wiRabbi Nosson Tzvi Kenig osb”m, one of Breslev’s leading rabbis, revealed before he died that a modest tinsmith from Jerusalem, Menachem Menashe osb”m (1892-1968, image, left), author of the ‘Ahavat Chaim’ commentary on Torah (a book that never leaves my Shabbat table), was the leader of the 36 hidden tzaddikim of their generation.

The “Ahavat Chaim” describes at the end of Parshat Tzav an argument that the angel Gabriel had with Hashem. “Hashem, you made me send down the fires that destroyed the Holy Temple. It looks like I wanted to do it!” He explains that Gabriel was the guardian angel of Esau, but once he was defeated in the all-night grappling match with Jacob, Gabriel turned his allegiance to Jacob and since then has been defending Jacob’s offspring. Hashem consoled Gabriel and told him that he would be privileged with taking revenge against all the nations that tormented Israel. Nothing will be left of them.

The nations will attack Israel and the fear will be great. The “Ahavat Chaim” promises that if Israel does teshuva, there won’t be any fear at all. Furthermore, he makes an amazing unconditional promise, which he wrote over 50 years ago,  that Gabriel will make a protective fire-wall around the Land of Israel and “no atom bomb will hit the Land of Israel.” This is the sentence underlined in green in the photo of the page from “Ahavat Chaim” below.

Our so-called friends and our enemies can continue with their schemes, but they’ll all blow up in their faces. The Nation of Israel is becoming spiritually stronger by the minute, despite what the media may say otherwise, and our full redemption is close by. We all fel it.



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