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VIDEO: THIS Virgin Atlantic Plane Is Overtaken By A Real UFO Flying Over New York!


Here it is, folks, here it is. You have suffered through countless fakes, innumerable hoaxes, and at least 47 easily explainable things which some zealous individuals convinced themselves were UFOs.

You have had your hopes elevated through the clouds, to other worlds where advanced civilizations are thriving, a million years more evolved than our own.

They have conquered the apparent limitations posed by long distance space travel, found our tiny little planet, and made the epic journey from their home to ours.

Why did they come, and what will they do now that they are here? Up until this very present moment, we have asked ourselves that very thing, but never has a satisfactory explanation been found.

Right now, all of that changes. Your world will never be the same, because time. Also, you are about to observe one of the most unidentified of all flying objects. Is it conjecture to assume that this is indeed a craft manned by an intelligent extraterrestrial being, whose home planet is located some immeasurably vast distance from us? Yes, it is true.


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