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12 Surprising Benefits Of Dragon Fruit You Never Knew


Native to Mexico, Central and South Americas, dragon fruit is widely cultivated and highly popular in Southeast Asia. There, it is quite common and found in virtually every market in season. These fruits have a red or yellow peel with green scales, which may be spiny, and tiny black seeds inside a white, magenta or pink flesh. Dragon fruit provides a number of essential nutrients and has some potential health benefits as well.

It is highly recommended for pregnant women to adequate nutrition and her fetus by eating dragon fruit. Basically, dragon fruit divided into 4 kinds or types. But what is often known to the public are two types of dragon fruit, red and white dragon fruit. This is because red and white are the dominant color of dragon fruit.

12 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit


This fruit has plenty of antioxidants that work against the free radicals in your body. These are not only responsible for physical ailments, but also for the aging of your skin! The more antioxidants you will eat from this exotic fruit, the tighter and younger your skin will become.

Immunity Boosting

Dragon fruit has dozens of minerals and vitamins such as: Vitamins C, B1, B2 & B3, calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein, niacin & fiber! With the combination of these, you will be able to fight any infections and/or illnesses. Another important thing to note is that it is comprised of 80% water! (i)

Cure Type 2 diabetes

Dragon fruit help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Studies also suggest that the the glucose found in Dragon fruit aids in controlling the blood sugar level for diabetes patients.

Nervous system

The high B Vitamin content in dragon fruit helps to support the formation and maintenance of some of the most basic structures in the nervous system. It helps in the formation of nerve cells themselves, and makes us more alert, and experience higher levels of mental clarity.

Cholesterol level

Dragon fruit helps to control cholesterol level. Dragon fruit is also rich in flavonoids that are known to have favorable effects against cardio related disease. (ii)

Prevents Arthritis

Dragon fruit helps to decrease the irritation of joints, so it is called as an anti inflammatory fruit. The symptoms of arthritis are alleviated once the swelling of the joints are reduced.

Prevents Asthma

Dragon fruits contain high amounts of Vitamin C which strengthens the immunity system (11) against and helps fight against respiratory disorders like Asthma.



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