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Drink salty water everyday- the results will surprise you !

glass-wit-spoon-of-saltPure sips of pure detoxification which help the body to regenerate.
In India is very common this practice which is implementing every morning, and in the western world this idea is rejected because of assumption that is harmful

The secret is in the putting clear sea salt in water. In this case its effect is guarantee.

Some of the benefits of this method:

-Balance of sugar in blood

-Stronger bones

-Regulation of the metabolism

-Scarcity of immunity

-Establishing hormonal balance

-Good effect on varicose veins

One cup of salt water has nutritional value and it is rich in minerals which the body quickly recognizes and adopts.
Positive ions of the salt are negative ions bind to the water and vice versa. The result is a new body structure that absorbs great.

In this way, the water is not just water, and the salt is not just a salt. The combination is cure for our health.
All you need to do is to take one glass of lukewarm water and to add one teaspoon of sea salt.

The reasons why you should do it:


Nutritionist Matt Stone says that if you drink only water for hydration of the body, may overdo so the body can be filled with liquid. Instead of pure water, recommends exactly this type- saline once daily.

2.Digestion / bowel movements

If you have a problem with digestion, a glass of salt water will be your salvation. Salt water moves enzymes that speed up the digestive tract. If you drink this water every morning, you will notice positive changes and will adjust the emptying of the bowel in a short time.


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