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Gulf D-Day? Iran driven out of strategic Yemen port as Saudis land in Aden


After clinching its conquest of the Yemeni port of Aden – contrary to all Western predictions – Saudi Arabia teamed up with the United Arab Republic and, together, on Tuesday, Aug. 4, landed by sea and air two armored brigades and several commando battalions. debkafile’s military sources report that this was the first time that any Gulf nation had shown itself capable of a sea landing on this scale.

Tuesday night, the roads heading north out of Aden resounded with the thunder of convoys of heavy Saudi Abraham M1 tanks and long lines of heavy French made Leclerc tanks contributed by the UAE army.

The landings from the Red Sea were covered by intense gun and missile fire from the multi-Arab fleet of Saudi, Egyptian and UAE missile vessels and warships offshore.

Among the heavy vehicles freighted in by air were hundreds of armored personnel carriers, some of them Russian-made BMD3s, others Humvees made in America –  and all fitted with short-range ground-to-ground missiles – as well dozens of US-made mine-resistant, ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles designed to withstand roadside bombs.


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