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In Just Five Words, Netanyahu Predicts Terrifying Consequences of Passing Iran Nuke Deal


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday predicted the consequences he believes the world would face if the U.S. Congress approves the Iranian nuclear deal.

“[T]his deal will bring war,” Netanyahu said.

He continued, “It will spark a nuclear arms race in the region. And it would feed Iran’s terrorism and aggression that would make war, perhaps the most horrific war of all, far more likely.”

“Oppose this dangerous deal,” Netanyahu added to conclude his remarks to the Jewish Federations of North America.

In his speech, the Israeli prime minister conceded that the deal “does make it harder for Iran to produce one or two nuclear weapons in the short term.”

“As a result of this deal there will be more terrorism, there will be more attacks and more people will die.”

However, Netanyahu said that it came at a “terrible price” because “the deal makes it far easier for Iran to build dozens, even hundreds of nuclear weapons in a little over a decade.”

“So by keeping the deal, Iran can get within a decade or so not just to one bomb, but to many bombs,” he argued.

Netanyahu directly addressed talking points used by President Barack Obama and his administration to defend the deal.


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