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Vladimir Putin: Russia owns the NORTH POLE – and the UN needs to give it back to us!


VLADIMIR PUTIN has made his most audacious land grab bid yet after claiming that Russia owns the NORTH POLE.

Not content with just spreading his power base into Ukraine, the eccentric president has now submitted a bold claim to a large portion of the Arctic.

Russia has long had eyes on the Arctic ice, which it is thought could contain vast reserves of oil, precious gems and minerals.

Putin recently announced plans to bolster the country’s naval presence in the region, sparking fears that the country could attempt a military-led land grab.

Now Russia has submitted a claim to the UN for a large swathe of Arctic ice covering an astonishing 500,000 square miles, parts of which have already been claimed by Denmark.

tory is part of Russia’s “continental character”.

However, the claim will spark fears that Putin has further expansionist plans following the annexation of Crimea and his country’s meddling in the Ukrainian conflict.

Russia has also become increasingly threatening towards NATO powers in recent months, with the number of excursions by its fighter and bomber planes into allied airspace rocketing.

In a statement outlining the claim, the Russian government stated: “The outer borders of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean is based on the scientific understanding that the central Arctic underwater ridges…have a continental character.”

Moscow will now ask the UN Commission on the Limits and the Continental Shelf (CLCS) to rule on the boundaries of the contintental shelf in the Arctic Ocean.

Denmark’s submission to the commission, made on behalf of Greenland, was the first attempt to claim outright ownership of the North Pole.

That has provoked the response from Putin, who would be unwilling to see potentially lucrative lands falling into western hands.


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