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7 Reasons Why You Should Often Eat Figs


composition and medicinal properties of the Fig makes it one of the best fruits for an all natural approach to a healthier system.

This type of fiber helps control blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol by binding it in the digestive tract. It is also an excellent source of fiber.

Most theories linking high dietary fat intake and low fiber intake with colorectal cancer, and large consumption’s of alcohol is associated with lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer (digestive system) and liver cancer.

A number of studies show that eating fruits and vegetables may help slow down the cancer, and because of all the benefits of the Fig, it should be the fruit of choice.

Figs have a high content of potassium; which when combined with calcium assists in regulating blood pressure, and thus helps protect the  breast cancer.

Figs contain mineral magnesium, which are extremely important in three ways:

  • Regulating the metabolism of muscle and nerve cells
  • Regulating the neuromuscular conductivity for normal heart function
  • Regulating the elasticity (tone) of the blood vessels, and thus better control of blood pressure.

Next comes the benefits of magnesium. It is the most important electrolyte of the cell area and is one of the three main elements of bones with calcium and phosphorus. Fig leaves are edible and medicinal. It has been shown to have antidiabetic effects, lowering triglycerides, and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

As a solution it has a strong antiseptic, fungicide and disinfectant action. It also helps with other intestinal diseases, such as worms and problems with fungus, such as warts.

It can also help soften corns and calluses. The procedure for the treatment of warts is simple – the solution should be put on the wart or corn, and after a few days of the above procedure they will fall off.


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