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Netanyahu’s duty is to thwart Iran, not applaud Obama

143876770846683349a_bThe time for pleasantries and politeness is over. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected to fight a nuclear Iran. It is not his job to secure a foreign policy legacy for U.S. President Barack Obama.

What didn’t Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s detractors say about his speech to Congress in March? They said he was jeopardizing Israeli-American relations, thus putting Israel’s security at risk. They said he was ruining his relationship with U.S. President Barack Obama; they said the Iran issue was nothing more than election propaganda. Today, in hindsight, we see that the fight against Netanyahu’s speech was the election propaganda, and that the speech itself was part of a crucial campaign on behalf of Israel’s security.

In retrospect, Netanyahu wasn’t wrong: The trip to Washington, while the timing was perceived as problematic, was extremely necessary. Congress has become the last barricade able to stop the bad deal from materializing. Congress members on Tuesday had already begun formulating the opposition document.

Now that the superpowers have capitulated to the regime of the ayatollahs, to the charms of rekindling business relations and to the atmosphere of appeasement hovering in the air since November of 2008, it is only us and Congress, along with Israeli and American public opinion (all the latest polls in the U.S. point to adamant objection to the deal). In other words, Netanyahu is not alone. Israel is not alone. No one is promising that Israel will win this fight in Congress. But Netanyahu was elected in May, among other things, to fight the Iranian nuclear program. Not to clap his hands for Obama.

The same chorus that wailed against his speech in March will now do the same against the speech he gave on Tuesday to American Jews. Suffice it to say, we will likely hear the same chirping voices telling us that Netanyahu is worsening his relationship with Obama (can it get any worse?) and therefore putting Israeli interests at risk. Is it not at all possible that Obama worsened his relationship with Netanyahu, or that the terrible deal with Iran is a severe detriment to Israel’s topmost interest — its security and existence?


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