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Obama may help Palestinians to fight against Americans suing terrorists


In the wake of a victory federal court judgement in which American citizens won a multimillion settlement in a lawsuit against Palestinian terrorists for their deadly bombings and ambushes that ended with the death and wounding of U.S. citizens, word from the Obama White House indicates the administration is opposed to the judgement, a number of news sources noted on Monday.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s opposition to the cash judgment may lead him to take overt or covert action next week against American families who won at least $1 billion from the Palestinian leadership for a series of terrorist bombings and shootings. According to a number of law enforcement and intelligence officers, Obama’s actions could lead to the U.S. government siding with terrorists over its own citizens.

In a trial that lasted almost two months in Manhattan Federal Court, a jury found that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) had launched a series of attacks beginning in 2001 through 2004. The terrorist attacks killed 33 and injured hundreds. The judgment, which the Palestinians are appealing, would equal nearly a third of the Palestinian Authority’s annual operating budget, which troubles President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, two leaders who have voiced negative opinions about the Israeli government leaders.

Kerry has been quoted as saying the Jews in Israel are practitioners of “apartheid” which became former President Jimmy Carter’s premise in his writings. Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has shown sympathy for the Palestinians that dates back to her university days. “Although the majority of Jews in the U.S. are Democrats, they still support that party’s candidates despite the liberal-left antagonism towards Israel,” said Barry Stein, a former police sergeant.


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