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Thighs, Stomach or Buttocks? 5 Laws For Weight Loss For Each Part of The Body!


Have you ever wondered why the fat tissue mostly gathers on a certain part of your body? Science claims that the distribution of fat is connected to certain health habits and when you find out why you mostly gain weight in your stomach or your thighs, you will easily pick up a nutrition regime and types of exercises which will help you lose weight.

Here are the 5 most critical areas of your body and how you should treat them.

  1. The upper part of your body

The fat tissue is mostly gathering on your stomach, back, shoulders, chest and your arms up to the elbows. That happens because of malnutrition and lack of exercises. Make changes into your nutrition which include taking from 500 to 1000 calories less daily, exercise 5 times a day, from 30 to 60 minutes and the best exercises will be the cardio exercises (cycling, walking fast). You should do those exercises with a tempo that allows you to talk with another person and it’s not hard for you, writes “Zadovoljna”.

You should also include exercises for the upper part of your body like push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, extensions etc.

“If your organism gathers fat tissue mostly on your stomach, thighs and buttocks, you should choose exercises for the lower part of your body and an excellent choice will be circular trainings and cycling”.

  1. The area of your stomach from your belly button and the lumbar part of your back

If you gain weight mostly in the area of your stomach, it could be a sign of an excessive work of the hormone of stress called cortisol. Make sure you eat as healthy as possible, eat lots of fibers, vitamins, minerals by combining exercises which also include techniques for easier toleration of stress, like yoga and pilates.

If your stomach is constantly bloated (without the presence of fatty tissue on your back) it could be a consequence of some difficulties with breathing or an excessive consumption of alcohol. Lower the intake of alcohol or visit a doctor if you have some breathing problems.

  1. The area of your stomach from the chest up to the whole back

It’s a sign that you’re not physically active enough and you don’t eat very well e.g. you skip your meals and overfeed. Try eating five moderate meals a day. Eat smaller portions and healthy, low-caloric food as much as possible. Besides that, be more physically active, walk, swim and practice some exercises for your back and stomach.


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