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A Liberal Website Published Trump’s Phone Number. He Just Turned The Tables In A Brilliant Way


The most recent Gawker piece came on the heels of an internal scandal that resulted in the exodus of two high-level editors.

A popular gossip site known for its sensationalist stories recently discovered Donald Trump was not susceptible to its latest apparent attempt to impede the controversial presidential candidate.

In response to Trump’s broadcast of GOP primary challenger Lindsey Graham’s personal cell phone number, Gawker’s Sam Biddle published Trump’s number – ostensibly in the “spirit of open and fair political debate.”

While an MSNBC source confirmed Trump previously used the same number in communications with a reporter earlier this year, The Hill cited one campaign source who dismissed the Gawker piece’s impact.

“Mr. Trump has several numbers,” the source confirmed, “so this is not an issue.”

Beyond simply publishing an irrelevant number, though, Biddle actually received Trump’s praise for giving supporters a new way to connect with his campaign.



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