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Natalie Portman worried about anti-Semitism in Paris


Israeli-born actress tells Marie Claire magazine that it’s important to be aware of hatred, which can allow us to have more empathy for others.

Israeli-born actress and director Natalie Portman told British magazine Marie Claire that she is worried by the growing anti-Semitism in Paris, where she moved last year with her husband Benjamin Millepied, Director of Dance at the Paris Opera Ballet, and their son.

“Hatred exists in many forms and in many places and it’s important to be aware of it,” she said. “If you can take something positive from it, it allows us to have more empathy to others who are experiencing it.”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in May, Portman was asked if she feels nervous about being Jewish in Paris. “Yes,” she replied, adding: “But I’d feel nervous being a black man in this country. I’d feel nervous being a Muslim in many places.”

During her interview with Marie Claire, Portman talked about her experience as a child actress and the fact she did not fall off the wagon, like many other child actors.

Portman received her first role in the movie “Léon: The Professional” at the age of 11, and rapidly became an international star.


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