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“Moderate” Indonesia denies visa to Jewish badminton player


Will the islamophobia never end?

In Jakarta in moderate Indonesia, the government has yet to grant a visa to an Israeli Badminton player, despite repeated requests on his part, in a move that would effectively bar him from competing in the World Badminton Championships. In Jakarta, where Obama grew up. Is it any wonder that he is aiding and abetting the world’s largest state sponsor of terror to annihilate the tiny Jewish state?

Why hasn’t Obama admonished his native country and called for the mutual respect and dialogue that Muslim supremacists demand of their victims?

Why doesn’t he ever speak about the Islamic Jew-hatred fueling the persecution and oppression of Jews throughout the world and Muslim communities? Obama went to Quran class in his youth. He excelled. He knows.

Why are these competitions held in racist, intolerant countries?


Indonesia denies visa to Israeli badminton player for tourney
Jewish group criticizes international organizer for not helping Misha Zilberman compete in world championship games in Jakarta

Indonesian authorities have yet to grant a visa to an Israeli Badminton player despite repeated requests on his part, in a move that would effectively bar him from competing in the World Badminton Championships set to be held in Jakarta on Monday.

Misha Zilberman, who represented Israel at the London 2012 Olympics and spent the past several weeks practicing in Singapore, first filed a visa application six months ago, only to have his request turned down by the Indonesian government. Further attempts by Zilberman, 26, were met with similar responses.

The Israeli player expressed frustration over the continued denial in a Facebook post earlier this week.

“They are not giving me a visa to participate in the World Championships,” Zilberman wrote.

“After six months of exchanging letters, and after sending all the documents they requested, and after we arrived in Singapore, they are saying no. The World Badminton Federation knew about this and didn’t help. They preferred to ignore it and just waited for it to pass. After two weeks in Singapore waiting for a visa they are probably sending me home instead of to the World Championships.”

Robert Singer, the CEO of the World Jewish Congress said the decision not to hand Zilberman a visa unfairly mixed politics and sports, and called on Indonesian officials to immediately grant the visa application so that the player may take part in the international sporting competition.

“If this decision is upheld, it will do harm to Indonesia’s standing in the world, and it will raise the question whether this is the right place to hold such prestigious events,” a press statement issued by Singer read. “This decision to bar an Israeli player from an international sporting competition can’t stand, and I urge Indonesia to allow Misha Zilberman to compete in these championships.”


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