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Royal SAS commandoes SAS go into Syria to kill ISIS chief

British Special Forces took part in mission to kill Syrian-based commander

Troops wore American uniforms to keep the joint mission in May a secret

Dug themselves into desert before launching series of strafing runs by jets

It comes as details of a Syrian-based plot to kill the Queen is exposed

British Special Forces have taken part in a ferocious battle to kill a Syrian-based Islamic State commander – even though Parliament has yet to approve any UK ‘boots on the ground’ in the country.

The crack SAS troops joined US Forces on the mission in May this year. To keep their participation a secret, they wore US uniforms and carried American weapons.

The elite Special Air Service soldiers were flown into the country’s Deir ez-Zor governorate in a US Osprey aircraft before carrying out a daring reconnaissance mission near the compound of top IS financier Abu Sayyaf.

2B36728E00000578-3190731-image-m-2_1439068634628The secret mission took place in May with British troops disguising themselves as American soldiers to take part

News of the British role in the mission, disclosed today for the first time, comes as The Mail on Sunday reports details of a plot, originating in Syria, to kill the Queen.

In response to this, the SAS has increased its operational tempo in the war-torn country to try to eliminate individuals who pose a direct threat to UK security.


On the mission to kill or capture Abu Sayyaf, the crack British troops dug themselves into the desert and camouflaged themselves as they mounted a painstaking watch of his lair using cameras and telescopic lenses.

Eventually, the SAS troops confirmed Sayyaf’s presence and provided US commanders at their Central Command in Qatar with a detailed tactical picture, including numbers of enemy fighters, their patterns of behaviour and weaponry.

The IS compound was then attacked in a series of strafing runs by US jets ahead of the arrival of more US aircraft carrying 50 heavily armed troops from Delta Force – the US’s equivalent of the SAS.

As these aircraft touched down, Black Hawk helicopters targeted IS positions with rockets and machine-gun fire. This onslaught did not quell their resistance, however, and the remaining terrorists fought hand-to-hand with US troops before being overwhelmed.

The US soldiers then searched the building and found documents, laptops and phones containing information about IS’s money-making schemes. Meanwhile, more SAS personnel joined their US counterparts to form a ‘ring of steel’, preventing any IS militants escaping alive. Fifteen IS fighters are believed to have been killed, including Sayyaf – who was shot dead by Delta Force.



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