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WATCH: Netanyahu Urges Americans and Western Countries To Oppose The Iran Deal, While New Poll Shows They Got His Message


In a live webcast organized by Jewish Federations in the U.S. and attended by ten thousand people…

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel addressed American Jews on the nuclear deal with Iran on Tuesday.

In a live webcast organized by Jewish Federations in the U.S. and attended by ten thousand people, the Israeli PM issued a dire warning about Iran’s capability of building a nuclear weapon under the agreement brokered by the Obama administration.

You can watch the address here:

“The nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb — it actually paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” he said.

Worse, it gives Iran two paths to a bomb: Iran can get to a bomb by keeping the deal or Iran can get to the deal by violating the deal.

“Don’t let the world’s foremost terrorist regime get its hands on the worst most dangerous weapons,” Netanyahu warned. “Oppose this bad deal.”

It was clear that Netanyahu tried to influence the current discussion about the nuclear deal in the U.S. and wants the American public to rise and to make clear to the political establishment that the deal should be voted down in Congress in September.

He delivered his address a couple of hours before President Obama was scheduled to meet with leaders of the American Jewish community in the White House.

“This is simply not a partisan issue in Israel,” Netanyahu said, “Overwhelmingly, across the political spectrum a huge majority of Israelis oppose this deal.”

“It shouldn’t be a partisan issue in the United States either,” he added.

The Israeli PM exposed some of the talking points used by the Administration to sell the deal as lies. For example, the Obama administration suggests that the current deal is the only alternative to war.

“That’s utterly false. We in Israel don’t want war – we want peace,” Netanyahu said. “The alternative to this bad deal is still no deal or a better deal.”

Netanyahu downplayed reports about any personal conflict between him and President Obama: “This isn’t about me, and it’s not about President Obama,” he said. “It’s about the deal.”

“Israel wants to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program and Israel wants peace. This deal will advance neither goal,” Netanyahu said.



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