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10 Reasons Why Should You Consume Lemon Every Day?


Why should you consume lemon every day?

Lemon is definitely one of the ingredients that you should start eating every day.
Not only it improves the taste of a great number of dishes, but it also stimulates your whole organism.
The flavonoids from the lemon have an antioxidant effect and can help in the prevention, but also in the treatment of many diseases and conditions.

  1. Prevents of kidney stones

Only half a cup of lemon juice a day is sufficient to increase the level of citrates in your urine. Researches have shown that lemon can help you to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

  1. Alleviates throat pain

Mixing lemon juice with honey can alleviate your throat pain and the sense of throat irritation.

  1. Stimulates weight loss

Lemon juice can definitely stimulate weight loss and researches show that it can also help in the maintaining of health body weight. Lemon juice contains pectin, a kind of soluble fibers which are proved to help in the removal of excess kilograms.

  1. A better start of the day

You shouldn’t start your day with caffeine, but with warm water mixed with lemon juice in order to stimulate the work of your digestive system and increase the intake of vitamin C.

  1. Alleviates skin irritations

Rubbing your skin with lemon can help you alleviate skin irritations, especially insect bites. Lemon has an anti-inflammatory effect and it will fasten your skin recovery.


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