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All the Terrorists in Gitmo Want to Be Freed So They Can Take Care of Their Sick Mothers


I’m not a suspicious sort at all, so I completely believe that all the mothers of the Muslim terrorists in Gitmo are sick. At the same time.

And that Islamic terrorists, who are known for the amount of time they love to spend at home and their care for their female relatives, just want to be free to go home and care for them. Not join ISIS or anything like that.

And Obama is just freeing them because he’s a caring guy as Paul Sperry reveals.

Take detainee Abdul Shalabi. His lawyers in June pleaded that the former bin Laden bodyguard was sufficiently reformed and wanted only to reunite with his family in Saudi Arabia and take “care of his ailing mother.”

The board subsequently agreed Shalabi was “no longer a significant threat to the security of the United States,” and rubber-stamped his release — even though the al Qaeda operative conspired with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed while plotting the 9/11 attacks from Karachi, Pakistan. Shalabi also was said to have trained at al Qaeda camps to participate in “a suicide attack or deployment to the West.”

Shalabi now gets to pack his bags with fellow al Qaeda operative Manshur Al-Sabri, whom the Gitmo board cleared as a non-threat even though intelligence warns the Yemeni national, who stayed at bin Laden safehouses in Afghanistan, likely still “resents the US.” And even though “he may attempt to contact a family friend who is an AQAP [al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] operative and facilitator with a long history of association with extremists, providing [Al-Sabri] a possible path to reengage” with the enemy.

Yes, yes, but Al-Sabri apparently is a fantastic son. “His obligation is to care for his mother, who has some health issues,” his defense team argued in a Gitmo hearing held earlier this year.


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