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For those so quick to claim it was Jews who set the Duma mosque on fire, read some facts here and get a dose of truth for a change

Graphology and Graffiti: Finding the Real Terrorist

Above: Graffiti left on the walls in Duma – Arabs or Jews?

Many people questioned the assumption that Jewish zealots were responsible for the arson attack in the Arab village of Duma, northeast of Ramallah. Just hours ago, the father of the baby who burned to death also died of his burn wounds.

The ZOA issued a statement that says in effect, don’t be so fast to blame the Jews. They note several very strong points:

  1. The victims’ family have been involved in a blood-feud with an opposing clan for the last 18 years;
  2. The two homes set on fire were in the center of a hostile Arab village – an unlikely choice for Israelis entering from outside the village.  It would have been extremely difficult for Israeli Jews to reach and then to depart from the center of a hostile Arab village without being detected.
  3. Similar graffiti has never been found in radical Jewish “price-tag” attacks.

And, in adding my own doubts, what hit-man has the time to stand around and compose graffiti on the walls, complete with drawing crowns and Stars of David? In fact, the Star of David in the above photo looks very much like the type you’d see in Arab anti-Semitic cartoons.


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