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Top 5 Meaningful Jewish Wedding Gifts That Every Groom & Bride Would Need


A wedding gift should be one that is meaningful and relevant to the couple to be married. Choosing the right wedding gift could be a challenge and I have prepared a selection of gift suggestions that are made in Israel and are sure to please newlyweds of any background and religion.

#1 Mezuzah

Mezuzah case Silvina Designs Handmade

This parchment-bearing Mezuzah case attached to the couple’s doorpost is symbolic of G-d’s presence in the couple’s home.Mezuzah-case-Silvina-Designs-Handmade-225x300

#2 Blessings and Wall Hangings

Home Blessing Framed Tile Art Decor

The gifting of a blessing for a young couple’s home is a personal message to them of your wish for their health and success.


#3 Kiddush Cup

Creation Kiddush Cup Sterling Silver 987

Evening and early morning Sabbath prayers are recited over the wine in a Kiddush cup to emphasize the family’s observance of the Sabbath and acknowledgement of its holiness.



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