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Treat and Cure Stiff Neck or Shoulder to Ease the Pain


The main cause of neck or shoulder pain is poor posture. You can treat and cure a stiff neck, frozen shoulders and upper back ache, even headaches and migraine by being well aware of your posture. There is no such thing as a short neck. We all possess 7 cervical vertebrae. A short neck is merely curved too deeply.

The neck supports the head, so it obvious that if the head is carried too far in front of the body instead of directly above the spine, where it belongs, the muscles at the back of the neck are doing unnecessary overtime. Permanently tense and raised shoulders, poor sleeping habits, stress, or cold drafts also contribute to neck and shoulder pain. The overload in muscle tension just to hold your head up, but in the wrong way, can eventually escalate into chronic headaches and migraine.

-Using Hot and Cold Treatments
Use moist heat on your neck. Heat helps tightened muscles relax, and moist heat is better than dry heat, as it can penetrate into the neck more effectively.Apply heat to the back or neck area for at least 20 minutes at a time, three times daily.
A moist heating pad (available at drug stores) is the best choice for applying heat to your neck, as the temperature can be controlled and applied for longer periods of time. Alternately, use a hot water bottle or take a hot shower or bath.

-Place a hot towel over your neck. Place a hand towel in a bowl full of hot water, or pour the hot water all over the towel. Alternatively, put the towel in the dryer for 5-7 minutes. Dry out the towel just enough so that it is not dripping, but still has its warmth. Drape the towel over your neck when your neck is stiff or sore.

-Try an ice pack to soothe your neck. Cold dulls local pain and limits the buildup of lactic acid, which can cause soreness. Use an ice pack and place it on the part of your neck that feels stiff (usually the back of your neck at your hairline). Hold the pack there for 10-15 minutes every 2 hours.
You can also try a more comfortable position to ice your neck. Sit in a comfortable chair and rest your head back. Place the pack between your shoulders and the bottom of your head. Lean back against it so your neck gets the full benefit of the cool temperature.


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